Pre-med Post-Bac Re-cap

Post-bac re-cap conveniently rhymes! Remember that time in August when I posted three times in 10 days? That was during my second week of MCAT prep before I had my omg I need to learn everything in the world in the next four weeks moment. This year was hard. I am so thankful to my friends and family who were so supportive. Thank you, thank you! I started this post after I finished the ochem final in the spring of 2015 so let’s pick up there! On the last morning of classes: Over the last year, I completed two semesters of general chemistry, …

Kentucky Summer 2014

My grandparents home in KY is one of my favorite places in the whole world. Even without my grandmother, Kentucky still feels more “home” to me than where I actually grew up in New York. I miss it pretty much all the time. A few articles have popped up on my newsfeed about Kentucky, starting with the inflammatory “What’s the matter with Eastern KY” article published in the NYTimes last year to a more recent ViceNews “Two Days in Appalachia” that I found downright exploitative. Unfortunately there is a very real struggle with drugs and poverty, and it only seems to be getting worse. But however cliche this …

Matt’s Family Visits California Spring 2014

Last spring Matt’s family (and soon to be mine, eee!) drove out from Michigan to visit us. Although I came down with a brutal cold passed on to me by our previous visitor (ahem, MB — I still love you), I tagged along and they put up with my sneezing and unstoppable runny nose and eyes and we had a wonderful time.

Meg and Sam Visit California

It was my dear friend Meg’s birthday a few days ago and what a perfect reason to go back and look at old pictures. These photos are from her visit out to California in the spring of 2014. As usual, California was stunning. Add two best friends and you get magic.  

Dutel Wedding

No time for words. It was the best weekend ever.   *Matt got most of the photos of the ceremony because I was in it :). I didn’t want him disrupting anyone by standing up to take photos (while i was so sad to not be able to take photos myself), so I asked him to sit in the back… I was blown away with what he was able to get from the last row!