Dutel Wedding: the Garba and night before the wedding

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Dutel Wedding: the Garba and night before the wedding

Two weekends ago, two of my closest friends got married & I think I can fairly say it was one of the best weekends of my entire life. My heart burst a million times and my face hurt from smiling and I was reminded that life is so, so much bigger than every day regular old me. Indian weddings are just… out of this world. The dancing. The colors. The love. It was surreal.

I had to stop myself from feeling too sad that it was almost over before it had even begun!

Puj and Matty, thank you. Thank you for throwing the greatest party imaginable.

Now a warning: my photos are not perfect. The combination of being surrounded by my closest friends, a new camera, no flash, and a desire to spend as much time as I possibly could dancing—well, you’ll see.

These are just to tide you over until the professional photographers are ready to share theirs! =)

juliadesantis-pujandmatt-garba-4 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-garba-5 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-garba-25 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-garba-11 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-garba-12 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-garba-6 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-garba-7 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-garba-26 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-garba-9 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-garba-27 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-garba-34 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-garba-33 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-garba-32 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-garba-31 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-garba-30juliadesantis-pujandmatt-garba-35 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-garba-29 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-garba-28 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-garba-14 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-garba-15 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-garba-16 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-garba-17 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-garba-19 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-garba-24juliadesantis-pujandmatt-garba-22

Those were all from Thursday night. On Friday we arrived at the hotel and had a karaoke party down down at the end of a pier. I sang one song with friends and tried to sign up for a (RENT) duet but (thank goodness) the DJ had loaned out his copy for a play.
juliadesantis-pujandmatt-nightbefore-1 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-nightbefore-2 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-nightbefore-3

juliadesantis-pujandmatt-nightbefore-7 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-nightbefore-8 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-nightbefore-9 juliadesantis-pujandmatt-nightbefore-10

Matt used this app to check out the stars. juliadesantis-pujandmatt-nightbefore-4
The bride and groom walking in after Karoake.


I’ll be sharing photos from the wedding day soon, soon, soon!