Kentucky Summer 2014

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Kentucky Summer 2014

My grandparents home in KY is one of my favorite places in the whole world. Even without my grandmother, Kentucky still feels more “home” to me than where I actually grew up in New York.

I miss it pretty much all the time.

A few articles have popped up on my newsfeed about Kentucky, starting with the inflammatory “What’s the matter with Eastern KY” article published in the NYTimes last year to a more recent ViceNews “Two Days in Appalachia” that I found downright exploitative.

Unfortunately there is a very real struggle with drugs and poverty, and it only seems to be getting worse. But however cliche this sounds, I have yet to see anyone fully capture the beauty that is the people and the mountains and foothills of southeastern Kentucky.

The photos below are not my personal attempt to “capture” KY in any way: they are snapshots of my family’s short time together and nothing more.

But if you look behind the smiling faces, you might catch a glimpse of the magic that led Daniel Boone to say, “Heaven must be a Kentucky kind of place.”

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