Under the African Sky

Under the African Sky is my journal and pictures from my time working at Tenwek Hospital in Bomet, Kenya. It’s about life and love and death and growing up and heroes and all of those sorts of things. It is about sharing stories and living with hope and being passionate about life, and it is about feeling defeated and wanting to give up. It’s not really a book focused on answers, but it does contain a lot of questions. It’s about making friends, and the amazing people who work at Tenwek Hospital, and how Africa isn’t exactly the way it’s portrayed by the media… It’s about me and it’s probably about you too.


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  1. Julia,

    I came across your blog, looking at the College of the Atlantic programs. I spend as much time as possible every summer based out of Southwest Harbor. I am showing my 11 year old Nickolas about all the opportunities this great world offers us, both in our backyards as well as a continent away.
    I salute your passion and leading by example. Keep up the great work, especially when so many kids your age use execuses to limit how far along in life they are. Obviously your parents did a great job raising you!

    I plan to purchase your book and share with my kids….Nickolas, Tristan and Piper.

    “We do not remember days….we remember moments.”- cesare pavese


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